Drescopata Series

The story is of five diverse characters who discover new lives for themselves on a magical planet created by mad teen gods and goddesses.  Just as our heroes feel really at home on Drescopata, the paradise’s mad creators decide to part ways.  Drescopata splits into ten separate planets, leaving its mortal population devastated.  Lexi, Gordon, Beverly, Ryan and Claire must travel to each new planet – defined by the unique and bizarre personality of each creator – in a quest to rebuild Drescopata.


This artwork by Mel Farrow depicts the child hero in my cast of adventurers, Lexi.  An eight-year-old orphan with a fierce will, Lexi faces constant antagonism which grownups never fail to misunderstand.  She embraces a life on Drescopata, enjoying the novelties of lessons she wants and peers who don’t provoke her into violent temper tantrums.


Half Dresc

Drescopata is an unpublished young adult fantasy series.

The first two books are written.  Book #3 is my current project.


Diamond with Clipping Path      Diamond

ruby    Ruby









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