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Unholy Science


January 3 2014

The final novel in my mom’s science fiction saga is coming out soon!  She claims there will be no more big writing projects now that she is also a publisher; I remain dubious as to whether she can really cut down to two-and-a-half jobs…workaholic;-)





August 11 2013

“Brian Hades and Lynda Williams are pleased to announce the formation of a new and independent publishing venture: Reality Skimming Press.”  I knew mom would never stop at the mere creation of an entire universe (not to mention the novels, novellas, anthologies and blogs that let us peek into it).  Nope, she’s launching optimistic fiction business right here on Earth.  She has an amazingness quota she has to fill and her three-and-a-half jobs don’t cut it;-)


Nina M

July 30 2013

I am privileged to know Nina Munteanu — novelist and writing teacher.  In this picture I am holding two of her published works.  “Journal Writer: Finding Your Voice” is a guidebook for expressive writers in writing journals, diaries and memoirs.  “Natural Selection” is a collection of short stories which explore humanity’s co-evolution with our environment and technology.  Find out more about Nina at http://www.ninamunteanu.com/




July 5 2013

My mom’s ninth Okal Rel novel has just been published.  Only one more to go and her science fiction saga will be complete!  Whew, I have a lot of books to live up to… http://www.edgewebsite.com/books/holywar/holywar-catalog.html

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