Writer of Fantastical Fiction

Jennifer Lott writes novels for children and adults. She is the creator of the comedic fantasy podcast “Wilzerlott,” in which she also plays the voice parts of a princess and a ghost. With most of the remaining time in her life she runs a home daycare, which her own three children currently attend. Her published works so far include three short chapter books for young children and three short stories in science fiction magazines.

Jennifer realized she was a writer at the end of high school, when one of her favourite children’s series inspired her to write the novel-length fanfic Alternative Animorph Ending for other Animorphs fans disappointed by the official conclusion. She has since completed six novels of her own – one middle-grade science fiction, one adult science fiction, and four in a fantasy series. Her first story published was “A Day in the Life” – a D&D parody inspired by board game nights with her geeky roommates.

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