Family Magic Series

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Cover ArtFamily Magic is a series of illustrated, transitional chapter books for ages 6-9.  In Cursed Dishes, the oldest sister casts a vengeful spell:

“Did someone put milk in your backpack too?” asked Eileen.

“Milk?” Charlotte laughed.  “Don’t be ridiculous!  No one put milk in my backpack.”

Eileen looked disappointed.

“Someone put toast in my math book,” Charlotte explained.

“Really?  Me too!” said Eileen, looking happier.

 “What?” cried Charlotte.

 “I mean in my hat,” said Eileen.

“Eileen,” Charlotte said gravely.  “I think Glenda cursed our dishes.”

In Hexed Hair, the mother raises another pet peeve to supernatural heights:

Charlotte noticed a mass of hair that was slightly lighter than her own.  “Eileen,” she said, grabbing the end of it, “is this yours?”

“Ow!” affirmed Eileen, as Charlotte gave it a rough tug.

“I’ll pull you over,” said Charlotte, “just try and push with your arms and legs.”

Bracing herself against the kitchen wall, Charlotte heaved at Eileen’s hair.

After a moment Eileen rounded the corner, lying flat on her back and covered in sheets of hair.  “I wish I was bald again!” she whimpered.






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