Poem Portal #9: Bouncing Balls

soccer ballEveryone has their major whining point in high school, right?  The grievance that no amount of melodramatic poetry can satisfy?  You look back years later and wonder why you didn’t find a wider variety of things to angst about…I do anyway.  Christmas-Bells-2Basically 90% of the songs I wrote in high school were about how much I hated Phys Ed.  Did I have unrequited crushes, bullies, embarrassing puberty experiences?  I guess not.  Not enough to warrant a poem.  My hatred for gym class came out in many poems and most of them had tunes.  The following is to the tune of Jingle Bells:


Chorus: Oh!  Bouncing balls, bouncing balls,

Bounce them all the way!

Throw them which and every way

And kick your life away!  Hey!

Bumping balls, punching balls,

Shoot, save, slap and hit!

Oh what fun to bounce around

This dead-dull useless pit! 

Verse 1: Balls bouncing off my head,volleyball

 Bruising my arms red,

Ore the court we go, reflexes going dead!

Fingers bending back,

Mood rings turning black,

Oh what fun to bump along

This dreadful volley track!

Chorus:   bouncing_ballsoccer ballsoccer ballbouncing_ball

Verse 2: Balls punching through my mitt,softball

Bat missing every hit,

Ore the field we go, the sun too brightly lit!

Caught before first base,

Sweat drenching my face,

Oh what fun to pant along

This hard-yet-Softball race!

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