Poem Portal #25: Friendship

Now for my drifted-away friend E. We went to the same schools. My family was close with her mother, who was a teacher with many creative outlets. E used to carpool to school with my family, and she’d always make me look bad by being ready to leave before I got out of bed. My dad really appreciated her, because she got all three of his daughters to hurry and get to school on time.lumiere

trumpetE had way more chores at home than I did, took on way more extracurricular activities (mostly dance classes), and had a much more practical skill set than I did (things like sewing and cooking). She played the trumpet in our high school band and was even willing to take on the role of Lumiere when I directed my friends in a play of “Beauty and the Beast”. I actually got so inspired by her example that I demanded my parents give me more chores. I wanted to be just as mature and responsible as her.

E was a wonderful friend, and it’s easier to remember that now. She basically found new friends after our first year in high school and didn’t talk to me anymore. After L (see Poem Portal #10), I think I had a different perspective on drifting friends and wrote E’s song with more finality: she’s over and this is just how it is. There is a hopeful note, but it’s mostly for the distant future.

Chorus: You were someone I knew,

Someone who knew me,

Yet when I see you now, it seems

You’re the stranger who was a friend

In the memory of a dream.

Verse: How did the mist between us comecloud

To thicken into clouds?

Despite our flaws we had become

Friends who were allowed.

I guess now that’s no longer true;

Go your way and I’ll go mine.

Whether it helps us both or only you,

I hope it will work out this time.


Verse: When I look back on the fun that’s freechains

Of the strange chains which now bind,

Where resentment and uncertainty

Spent less time in our minds,

I know that I could start again

To be your friend through dark and doubt;

Without you will never be the same,

That’s what friendship’s all about.


Verse: Can’t say I know just what went wrong,

What triggered a change of heart;

I thought we’d been friends too long

For our lives to grow apart.

Estrangement filtered out with time,

Someday we’ll meet again as friends;

Whatever harm there was exchanged,

It won’t even matter then.


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