Poem Portal #33: Happiness

Happy MeI’m gonna say circa age 13 for this one, but if you think I became less of a happy-go-lucky teen age 14 onwards, you’d be wrong. I could see myself writing this glaringly optimistic song at any point before my school-hating phase at age 17. This was before I even  knew I was a writer, and yet life was evidently wonderful;-) I think I still had more steam for the occasional angry song, because only two verses of this got written. I found abandoned notes for four more. Verse 3: a relaxing activity/a good conversation, verse 4: excitement/thrills, verse 5: good news/something to look forward to, verse 6: compliments/success. Definitely not going to write those verses now, so enjoy an unedited hurtle fourteen years into the past…

Chorus: A bright, something new in a typical day,

              Makes life worthwhile in every way,

              The day goes on, but anyhow,

              I can’t stop smiling now!

Verse 1: A laugh that gives you earnest glee,

              Leaves you working happily,

              A thought that lets you drift away,

              To a place where dreams dance night and day,

              You are safe from the world’s solemn stare,

              You are free to breathe in fragrant air, 

              When you’re alone in a world of your own.


Verse 2: Something sweet to thrill your tongue,music notes

              Glorious notes are beautif’ly sung,  

              There’s something new to intrigue you,

              When each day brings sounds and tastes anew,

              The world is wonderful when all around you,

              There are sunsets, mists and haze,rainbow

              With rainbows, stars and shimmering waves,

              The world smiles at you, always!