Poem Portal #1: Angelina

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I tried blogging a while back about my dull, everyday life, but I’ve discovered the only non-fiction I’m good at is the kind that talks about fiction.  So for my author website, I am going to share the poems I’ve written.  They will range from childhood to the present day, which means you will find quality either in the poem itself or in my mockery of it (as an Early Childhood Educator, I must add it is only okay to make fun of a child’s writing when that child is your own past self).

I was too lazy to organize my collection chronologically.  Think of each post as a random portal into my lifetime.

When I was nine, I used to write never-ending songs about each of my little sisters in my school journal.  I know I was nine because my first ever scribblings for the older of the two sisters goes: “Oh, I have a little sister at the age of four, her name is Angelina and mine is Jennifer…”

Here is the only version of the Angelina song that ever made it onto my computer (circa age 14):

Little AngieWe sat upon a summer’s eve to watch a grand movie,

It was full of fear, dark and doubt, and daring chivalry,

There was beauty, pain, great deeds, wise words,

And courageous men who swung long swords,

Gazing raptly at the screen

Our thoughts were all profound,

All except Angelina

Whose thoughts were all aloud!

Little Tegan



I wrote a long song about my younger little sister, too.  It was about the times she started saying her first words, and she wouldn’t say them in front of other people to prove that I’d really heard her say them.  I believe it started: “Oh Tegan, you are annoying, I just don’t understand, why must you embarrass me in front of all my friends…”




Sisters sing

Good thing my sisters and I are mature adults now and they know I love them no matter how inspiring their childhood was for me…right?  That’s us singing in the photo, by the way, and we sound awesome.  And my sisters totally have veto power here…enjoy this post while it lasts…

By jcmlott

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