Poem Portal #2: Artists Among Us


And now for a temporal portal into my most explosive poetry-writing phase: age 18-23.  After I dropped out of university, I took a couple of creative writing courses online — part of the ‘I will eventually add up to a degree’ show I put on for my parents.  I enjoyed the poetry writing course namely for the amount of poems I produced through it.  If I developed a profound appreciation for poetry in its many forms, this was purely accidental.  Most likely I did not.  I knew poetry wasn’t my strong suit, but there were so many contests for it!  So many submission possibilities!  My novels came first, but never back then would I shy from squeezing in potentially attention-getting projects, so long as I could wrap my head around them.

After the course, I pushed myself to write more poems in an attempt to keep the momentum going.  I looked up poetry contests just for the prompts and discovered that my favourite way to get an idea was the ‘use all these words in a poem’ prompt.  The following poem was one of these (although I couldn’t tell you now which words were the prompts):

Artists Among Us

Who to blame?  How to win?

Artists descended: mad, fearful thingsAlien Artist

Fear they won’t belong, or worse: they’ll fit in.

Sorted and labeled like one of their paints.

Horror!  To what measures will this town have to suffer

Their brain-happy pleasures?  Inspirational cravings…

What if rust and mold’s more fun to draw?

In their field they say, the work is a child—

“My baby,” they say.

With descendants as these,

We may set our minds at ease,

Surely, they’ll soon be extinct.

By jcmlott

One comment on “Poem Portal #2: Artists Among Us

  1. Recently read a biography of Mervyn Peake and was surprised by how much I liked some of his poems about being a creative. Like “My Eyes Mint Gold”

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